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The Association for the Relief of Aged Women of New Bedford

The Association for the Relief of Aged Women of New Bedford

2023-2024 Community Partner Grants
Request for Proposal

ARAW is a grantmaker supporting organizations and programs which best align with our mission that elderly women in our community will live well and with dignity. The 2023/2024 Community Partner Grant application is by invitation only.  Should you be interested in exploring Grants through ARAW, please feel free to send a letter of interest to Clare Healy Foley, ARAW Executive Director, at

Click image above for full RFP. 

Promote independence and enhance quality of life for elderly, low-income women in our community through financial support of qualified individuals and programs.


  • Trusted sources of knowledgeable advocates in our community who will identify and connect us to women in need so we can provide them with direct support.
  • Promotion of financial stability and life strategies.
  • Access to social engagement opportunities to combat loneliness and isolation.
  • Establishment of safety and stability to foster optimal health and well-being.

2022-2023 Community Partner Grant

awarded over $220,ooo on April 1, 2022

2022-2023 Outreach Partner Awards
Dartmouth Council on Aging
Westport Council on Aging

2022-2023 Program Partner Awards
AHA! (Arts, History, Architecture)
Cape Verdean Association in New Bedford
Coastal Neighbors Network, Inc.
New Bedford Art Museum (NBAM/ArtWorks!)
New Bedford Fishing Heritage Center
New Bedford Police Department
New Bedford Symphony Orchestra
South Coast LGBTQ+ Network
South Coastal Counties Legal Services
YWCA Southeastern Massachusetts
Zeiterion Performing Arts Center

For information and to learn about the grant process,
please contact ARAW Executive Director, Clare Healy Foley
at or (508) 717-0400

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